Why Leather?

Lambskin is a lighter weight leather than deerskin so it molds to your body like a second skin. It is extremely tough and can be machine washed without a need for special detergent. The finish on the lambskin has a very small smooth grain which makes it very grippy on the saddle.
Deerksin being a thicker leather will provide you with a more structured feel to the breech. It has a defined grain on the leather which provides grip for your seat without being "sticky". Deerskin may also be machine washed but needs to use a pure soap product or breech wash to keep the leather from drying out.

  • Full Seat: We really mean full seat. Complete coverage of the saddle when you sit.
  • Leg Patch: Deerskin from the top of the thigh (crotch) to the middle of the calf.
  • Knee Patch: Deerskin patch is about 10 inches long over the knee area.
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